Develop these best habits for staying positive and keeping negatives from dragging you down. All of us need to master tackling negative people and environments to find success in life.

You know we are constantly exposed to a lot of negative crap out there in society, from people, from advertising, from media, from work and on. We come across it every day and it can be easy to let it get you down and fall prey to it all. I know… just thinking about them can get you all stressed out.

Don’t you sometimes want to blast negativity with a missile bomb, and never hear from it again? But what do you do when you come across it? Do you just cover your ears? Do you put up with it? Do you let it in and try and deal with it later?

I hear this all the time, “How do I stay more positive?”

So here is a bit of a guide to protect yourself against all of the negative-spewing every day things we come up against to stop yourself from getting dragged down:


Words bring energy. Sometimes, it’s their negative energy against whatever it is you bring with you. If you come out of your house neutral or lifeless, with droopy eyes short of being a zombie, how do you expect yourself to thrive in a world where people’s opinions will hit you from all directions?

Here’s the key. You have to overflow before you can counter flow. Imagine swimming against the tide. If your positivity tank is filled with gratefulness, trust, faith, confidence and the new beliefs that you’ve replaced your less than productive ones with, then you have more gas push you against the waves of negativity.

This is the same reason why morning rituals matter, why best habits matter. Have a “gratefulness” meditation each morning. Review your goals and sources of inspiration. Do what energises you. Etc. And remember, it’s a daily thing, not a yearly ritual. You can set yourself with a winning attitude every day if you like. (Check this post for specific ideas on how to do this.)


Sometimes, the reason why we get affected is because we also struggle with the same negative thoughts. The things that piss us off the most are things that are actually true ‘cause it might be something we don’t like in ourselves. Think of what annoys you about others as a mirror of yourself and just think on it.

Painful as this sounds, yes, you might have to turn those negative words into constructive criticisms that motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

But you have to filter out the negative emotions and replace it with hope and confidence that you can change and turn it into a positive experience, a learning experience. In fact, maybe you should tell the person that you’re actually “working on it.” Then challenge yourself, and make sure you really work on it. Personal growth is the key to all success.





Many times, staying positive feels more like sweating out the pedal rather than stepping on the gas. It’s like dodging away from one bullet after another. But it all begins with No. 1 up there, then pedaling it out throughout the day. Reminding yourself about the things that are true about you and about life, the things that are filled with hope, the things you can control and can actively do something about to create change. Personal empowerment is one of the most positive states you can be in.


This, has to be done thoughtfully and wisely. Don’t just throw a sharp comment. But if need be, speak out the positive instead of the negative. For example, is someone complaining about the coffee? Say something positive about the café or the weather or the previous day’s accomplishments. What you filled your positivity tank with should come out of your mouth too. Speak the truth, speak encouragement, speak hope. Don’t just let it brew inside you. Trust me, you’ll be doing people a huge favor. A careful note on this one, just don’t be an arrogant so and so when you do this.



Last but not least, stay conscious. Yes, sometimes we forget about going against the time and find ourselves going with the flow of negativity! Don’t beat yourself up if you do. Just shake it off and get back on track. Go back to step No. 1 and get that positivity tank filled up. (Check out this post on how to handle failure.)


Life has the light and dark and the positive and the negative, sure; and sometimes shit happens in life and it gets you down and you get through these times and punch negativity in the head by actively bringing positivity to the fight.

You have to. The only way for negatives to not drag you down is for you to actively bring positivity. You can’t just be neutral, to have success in life, you have to grow personally, and that includes growing in the area of positivity and right beliefs.

Now we are not just going out there and being happy happy, joy joy and everything is positive and light and all of that. Your decisions in life need to made from a balanced state, but when you approach life with a possibility mindset versus a limitation one, then think how this could impact you on a daily basis? Think about the different decisions you might make? Think about the interactions you will have and how you will perceive others and others will perceive you? Think about the extra creativity you can muster?

I wonder where this could take your life?