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2015 is looming around the corner very closely now. It is time to start thinking about what 2015 is going to be about for you and what you are going to do to make sure it is kick started in the right way.

Get out of this whole New Year’s resolutions garbage; it doesn’t work and is the wrong way to be thinking about your life. Your life is not about years, it is about continually moving towards realizing the full potential of who you are. That is an ongoing process, which does not stop if you are someone committed to turning your life into a masterpiece.

We are all busy coming towards the end of a year, and perhaps there are still some goals you want to achieve before the end of this year and it is great having a definable time frame to work towards. I am massively deadline-driven in many of my goals also but the fundamentals that I am about to talk about permeate all. They are the foundation you need to be, do, and have, to become everything you want to become and to create all you want to create.

Here are 5 must do’s for creating success in life, which I personally have already started doing now, preparing like I do every year to make the next year my biggest and most inspiring and successful ever.



This is such a great time for reflection about the year just gone and about what has worked for you, what hasn’t, about who you have become and the new skills you have attained, how you have grown in your personal life or professional life or if you have had some challenges, what were the learning’s from them and also importantly what you are grateful for. So many of us just go through the motions of life and not stopping to review if we are on the right track or if we are operating to our potential or taking time to stop and just think about the overall direction we are headed.

  • What was great about this year?
  • What have I learnt?
  • How have I changed as a person?
  • What were my challenges and the gifts I received from them?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • Did I achieve what I wanted to?
  • What did I make a priority and what did I procrastinate on and deprioritise?

These are all key questions to ask, just to understand what this year has been about for you and what current year priorities do you still have to spend more time on, and also to give you some insight around what you need to do the same and differently for the year coming up. You are here to answer the questions: what has been serving me? And what has not?

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Now this might seem like a quote about learning, but this is something you can apply to every component of your life. We fill our minds full of stuff and clutter our lives with things. Until you create space or create a vacuum in your life, then you cannot add to it what is more meaningful. If you want to bring something new into your life, you first have to make room for it and create a vacuum. Look at every part of your life and ask: what is serving you at the highest level and what is just taking up space. Go through your closets, through your office, through your files in your computer, through your mind and your habits, through your beliefs and preconceived ideas, even through the group of friends you have. I’m serious. Sometimes, in order to take our lives to the next level, we have to be willing to leave our old life behind with all of the attachments we have to it. Don’t hold onto the mediocre, otherwise you can’t make room for the exceptional.

Bob Proctor once said, “Nature abhors a vacuum. If you don’t have enough of what you want in your life, you have to make room for it by letting go of the things you no longer need”.

Apart from that, Bruce Lee is just a dude – anything he says I reckon should be in a manual we all study from age 13.

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Yeah, I get it, it sounds kind of silly right? Get to know myself, what do you mean? I am myself! What else is there to know? Here is the distinction though, sure we know ourselves and things we like and don’t like and some things we are good at and not so good at and part of our personality; but oftentimes, we don’t know the subconscious patterns which drive us and our behaviour in all the things that we think and that we do. You’ve got these patterns, and you don’t even question them, more likely we just are not aware of them and the impact they have on us.

More often than not in life we are acting from a subconscious level, meaning that we just go about our daily routines and habitually think, believe and act in a similar way across the majority of situations. If you want to take charge of your life and bring it to the next level, you have to become more aware and more conscious in recognising and understanding these patterns, which drive the behaviour, which ultimately creates our lives.

The foundation of this is to understand your values. In general, all of our beliefs and all of our thoughts on how we see and respond to the world are filtered through these set of value systems which we have somewhat created through our experiences of the world, and somewhat inherited from growing up with family, friends, school, and society. Some of them might be serving you while others are hindering you. And you might not even know which ones, and why.

Some of your values, you may discover, might be in conflict with what you want in life. Here’s an example from my own life. When I first did this exercise many years ago, it became obvious and very clear to me why I was having certain challenges in life. My previous list of values when I was younger had typical achiever type of components. Words such as success, wealth, financial freedom, and achievement were very high on my list, whereas love and connection were a much lower level. Think about how this impacted my life? Sure, career and moneywise things were going to be amazing because I was filtering my world and making decisions based on how I can achieve these priority values, however, relationships were not at the level they should be.

Here is the exciting part, once you discover your values, which have been driving your life to date, you then have the opportunity to consciously re-design them and shift their order to begin moving your life in the direction of your goals and dreams.

So for me to live a truly wealthy life, which includes not only material success and finances, but relationships, health, spirituality and experiences that go along with it, I had to massively change the order of my value system. The words success and money honestly went right out and were replaced with mission driven statements. Vitality and relationships moved up much higher.

Here is my current list of values, which I refine and refine on an ongoing basis.

Dr. John Demartini is someone I follow closely. I love his stuff. He has a great tool to work through this for your own life, click on this link, download it and give it a crack. It’s well worth it.

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All achievement in life is never about what you get, it is all about who you become. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. The only way you can achieve something new and create something new in your life is to become the type of person who can dream, manifest, and create it into reality. This is why it is so important to get clear on who you have to become as a person in order to take your life in the direction you want to, and bring into your life everything you want to.

  1. What scary move are you going and which comfort zones are you going to challenge?
  2. What new skills do you need to learn?
  3. What new beliefs do you need to bring into your life?
  4. What are the new characteristics you need to take on to become the best version of yourself? Is it more compassion, more peace, or more motivation? Do you want to become a person of higher energy and vitality, one of greater integrity (or some other value you might need for your journey)?

Ask yourself this: In order to achieve what I want to achieve in my ultimate life, in the next 12 months, who do I need to become as a person?

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Habits drive our lives. I mentioned earlier that the majority of our life is conducted in the subconscious and are governed by routines that we follow almost religiously.

Studies show that about 40 percent of people’s daily activities are performed in almost the same situations. They also show that our mind will work towards reorganizing things to act more efficiently and so that we simply repeat what works in order to move towards what we have identified as important to us.

The problem is, sometimes the act of identifying what is important is not necessarily a conscious decision. Although it certainly can be and this is of course what we want it to be. So if 40 percent of our day-to-day lives are based on habits, we need to make sure that our habits are taking us in the right direction as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

As you can imagine, it can take time to create a new habit. Our mind have to incorporate a new direction and reorganise a new set of behaviours while breaking a whole lot of old and well-ingrained behaviours, anchors, and rituals.

It takes time to bring in new habits of success into your life. Some studies suggest 60 days is a solid average, however, this is going to differ for each person. This means that if you wait until January 1st(well really it might be on the 3rd – after you get over the shock of your celebrations) to begin working on your new life and habits, then it’s going to be not until March before you get on track. So start now!

The important thing in changing a habit is being consistent with your new habit and having constant reminders to keep you on track while you are creating this change.

The whole theme around this is why wait until the New Year to begin shifting your life. Start now, start by becoming the type of person you need to be in order to maximise your life and turn it into something extraordinary.

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