We love motivational talks, the ones that blow our minds away and stun us with the enormity of our potential, the ones that spark a fire in us and mark us for life with a belief that we can do anything we set our mind and heart to.

So we wake up the next day and say, “World, get ready for the new me!

Universe, here I come!”

And then tomorrow happens, the week transpires, and months expire. It’s as if the regular hot showers had washed away the magic, or it must be the bad vibes rubbing on you while rubbing off all positivity. You have a quantifiable goal, rookie of the year perhaps, or 30% sales increase, or getting that perfect figure by summer. The bull’s eye still sounds appetizing but we wonder now, “What happened to the spark? Maybe it was all just exaggeration… to think it really can happen.”


Do you feel like this sometimes?

You’ve heard it a gazillion times, “You’ve gotta keep motivated.” But is it really motivation that you need, or a dose of daily inspiration?


Motivation sounds like this: When I see an Olympic athlete win the gold and set a new record, I feel motivated to reach for higher limits in my athleticism. When I ponder on the financial rewards of closing a million dollar transaction, I am motivated to work hard for it. When I see the perfect evening dress, I am motivated to stick to my workouts and diet, if only to fit in it perfectly. We are motivated by rewards, usually tangible and quantifiable.

But when the going gets tough, the tough goes where? Does he run for motivation? Sometimes, our motives fall short. They don’t compel us to endure pain, give up sleep, or say no to pleasurable things like binging into a gigantic pepperoni pizza.

I think, what sets apart the runner, pauper, and dreamer, who devotes his life and every ounce of energy he has in order to reach his dream, is compelling inspiration.


When external goals could no longer keep us going, we need to ask, “What is that reason, greater than my external motivation, that will keep me running hard for this vision?” Inspiration is the reason that digs deep into the intangible things we extremely value in life. What do you value most? What inspires you? It’s what will keep you going during the hardest times.


What inspires you?

I believe that to stay inspired, we’ve got to be doing what we truly value and love. That is the reason for Life Design. That is the reason why none of us should conform to what is already out there if these hinder us from doing what we’re truly cut out for.

Some of us are tired of being told that we’re too ambitious, that we dream too big, and that we imagine impossible things. The truth is, if we don’t pursue our dreams, it will be difficult for inspiration to pursue us. But if we follow our dreams, no matter how difficult the path, inspiration becomes less difficult to find. Why? Because we’re giving ourselves to something we truly value.


Inspiration is the pull, the tug, the burn, the fire that compels you to cross the line from simply working hard to giving all that it takes. You find it the moment you choose to step out and design your life instead of have society mold it for you.

We all need both, motivation to keep our eyes looking forward, to remind us of the prize, and inspiration to keep our hearts aflame, to keep us restless until we’ve given it our all.

Now, going back to that motivational talk. It’s usually a mix of motivation and inspiration that we get from those talks. But it’s not the only place where we can get our daily dose of inspiration, although we could use that once in a while. But we can also remind ourselves of the “why’s” of life, listen to compelling success stories, and draw encouragement from our mentors…

But for sure, if we’re to keep moving towards success, we definitely need both of these, inspiration and motivation, in plentiful doses.

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