When we hide our true voice and uniqueness, we deprive the world of something very valuable. It’s time stop defining “success in life” based on the world’s terms; this is the only way you can be the best version of yourself.

I’m not one to watch TV, I think it kills a lot of people’s dreams and is just a distraction for most people from living their true life. (Our dream life begins when we step out of default mode and walk into design. But that’s on another blog post.) The only reason I ever have the TV on is for the odd movie or watching ‘Frozen’ for the thousandth time with my little girl. But I must admit, I am a sucker for some of these talent show clips on Youtube; might be from my background in singing, but I also find them inspiring. I love how every day, people just show up and put themselves out to the world. It takes true courage.

Here is one I have watched over and over again. It’s not a singing clip. It is a song, which brings me back to myself in many ways.

Here is the video if you want to watch it, and try and keep a dry eye towards the end 🙂 But more importantly, read on because I want to share with you some of the lyrics of the song.


I just feel that sometimes we need to hear this for ourselves. That you are something so special and that your life and who you are is something so valuable and you have a true gift to share. Read some of the lyrics I have included below and think about what I have written afterwards; makes you think about how you are showing up in the world.

It is from a song called “Read All About It,” and was originally sung by Emili Sande.

A lifetime stuck in silence

“You’ve got the words to change a nation
but you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a lifetime stuck in silence
afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it, how we gonna
learn your song?”

Ooooh, wow. What if we actually believed this for ourselves? What if the people around you, which might be your family or your community or whatever it is, believed this about themselves too?

Voicing our opinion is discouraged so often. When we were in school, questioning what we were taught and questioning our teachers’ opinion were discouraged. Questioning our parents and the authority figures was discouraged and often came with consequences. In the work place, asking “Why?” is discouraged.

We are taught that if we keep silent and if we just follow authority, then we will be safe and fine.

thriveproperty-man-3I wonder:

What if you broke the silence of your life, what would your life say?

What is it that you truly believe?

What is it that you have been hiding away
from the world or from your relationship
or your work place?

What is the song you want to leave
in this world?


Being your true authentic self

“You’ve got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed?
Maybe we’re a little different, there’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows so stop hiding it away”

Were we not taught to be tame in life – to be a good boy or girl and just follow the rules of life and the expectations of society and to just fit in and be like everyone else? Colour within the lines; look like everyone else and behave; be a good boy or girl and then you will fit in and be accepted.

How inspiring is that kind of life to you?

What if you weren’t afraid of being your true self and being proud of the gift that you are to the world?

What if you had the courage to show up and I mean really show up in the world and just stop trying to be like everyone else and trying to fit into what other people and society expect you to be?


If two people are the same, one becomes unnecessary; be proud to be unique and different. Be the best version of yourself. That is where the spice is in life. That is how you find true success in life.

What if you chose to be your wild self again instead of the tame version that you are living right now? What would you do and who would you be if you really knew that your heart is as loud as a lion?

Write it down for yourself.


Own your value in life

“Yeah we’re all wonderful, wonderful people
So when did we all get so fearful?
Now we’re finally finding our voices
So take a chance come help me sing this”

When we were kids, we were not afraid of being our true selves. Then through layers of conditioning and programming from parents, from society, from education systems from the work place, and from trying to fit in, we became fearful, fearful of showing up as our true self, fearful of our own voice. We got into this space where it is encouraged to be critical of ourselves, a system which sets us up to make it hard to feel good about ourselves. So we are constantly chasing happiness and asking permission to feel good through achieving and through getting stuff.

Ever said to yourself, “I’ll be happy when…”? (You finish the sentence.)

Stop the voices in your head now and ask:
What part of yourself that is truly outstanding have you been afraid to show the world? I wonder. What is that thing of value that you are hiding?


Time to sing your song!

“There’s no need to be afraid, I will sing with you my friend”


What if we all sang this song together as our true authentic selves? Hiding away is anything but authentic. When you are hiding your true value and worth, your voice is doing a disservice to yourself and a disservice to your world and the world around us.

You have something of so much value that it is scary. Time to own that part of you and become comfortable with your value to your world and the world.

Start singing.

Here is to your epic life.