There is so much information out there about how to set goals and the right way to do it and using the SMART principle and all that kinda stuff.

But lets put aside all of the how to do its and how to write them and how to implement them and everything else and just come back to a place of simplicity for a moment. Really there are two kinds of goals you should be setting. You can set goals you are pretty darn sure you can meet, and you can set goals that are a breath short of impossible to reach. Both are


In the second kind of goal, the risk of falling short is big. It is a big slog, you will have to push yourself more, focus more, and sacrifice more. You may need to cut down on distractions, find ways to maximize your time and resources, and perhaps even need to ask help from someone more knowledgeable than you. There will be days when you’ll feel insecure because you’re behind schedule; there will be days when you might get tempted to quit.

The small goals, well they keep you on track, keep your belief in self and what you are capable of on an upward spiral, they give you those small wins to keep on pushing forward and reason to celebrate regularly and reinforce the outstanding life you are creating for yourself.


The big goals grow you and takes your life forward in leaps and bounds, they will challenge your wits, push you and help you discover wisdom you might have never known was there as you grow towards the goal.

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? But these kind of goals are integral if you are one of those rare people committed to living an extraordinary life instead of just drifting along, playing by the rules and living within the expectations of society of how life is supposed to be. Real progress is made outside of your comfort zone. Set these BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) that might seem near impossible to achieve and stretch your current version of reality and what you believe is possible for you. Then use the smaller goals you can continue kicking over to get there. That is your winning formula.

Think of it this way, you will never achieve the big goal unless you have the constant build up of small goals. If you don’t have the big goals then what are you growing towards and what is the bigger vision which is going to inspire you to get up and go hard every single day.


Yes, it’s true that there is a balance between setting challenging goals and achievable goals. Goals should motivate us and not exasperate us. Goals should not be too impossible so as to make us feel we are always failing. We are humans and we need a pat on the back and a cuddle from time to time. But good goals should definitely do the following for us:


Goals are not there just to give us something that makes us feel good when we reach it (although definitely a healthy part of life); goals are there to knock us out of our comfort zones.


When Florence Chadwick attempted to be the first woman to swim from Catalina Island to the California Coast, the water was icy, there were sharks swimming towards her (to be driven away by rifle shots by security boats accompanying her), and the fog prevented her from seeing anything but what’s in front of her. What kind of goals will take you out of your comfort zone?


Goals also push us towards greatness and compels us to become the best version of ourselves. Goals should bring out the gold in each one of us. Watch this video clip to understand what I mean.



Still got a dry eye? Or did watching that reach a part of you perhaps you haven’t recognized in a while or that you have been hiding away somewhere. You see Brock Kelley receive a challenge to do his absolute best and instantly he had a figure in his mind of what that was – the 30 yard line based on his experience to date and his own limiting beliefs of what he is truly capable of. As soon as his ability to stay stuck to his set point in life was taken away with the blind fold and with the right push, he went further than he ever thought was even possible.

None of us will ever know what we are truly capable of unless we forget about our set point and just believe it does not exist for a while and set that BHAG goal, the impossible one, the hundred yard line and then back it up with the small goals; the one step after another after another to inch further out of our comfort zones of life and further towards our potential.

That is the power of what these goals can do for you. I wonder what your hundred-yard line is?