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Sick of phony experts, Vince only needed 8 months to build an already sizable property portfolio using Thrive Property’s mentoring method.

Vince was absolutely fed up with ‘experts’ in the finance industry.

He was doing all the right things. He was in the process of building his own wealth, wanting to prepare for his future and avoid the Government pension trap.

Vince was also savvy about investing in different asset classes. However, he wanted guidance to build a risk-proof property portfolio.

But his use of experts before had left him irritated and disheartened. He had plans for his future, but he was struggling to find genuine help.

“I wanted to diversify my wealth portfolio and prepare for retirement, but I was frustrated with so-called expert financial advisers,” says Vince.

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One day, Vince’s wife saw a flyer about the Property Wealth Masterclass run by Todd Polke. Since it was free, they decided it was worth a look and listen.

Vince related to Todd immediately.

They decided to partner with the Thrive Property team and had a personal and tailored strategy designed by their Thrive Property coach Emma.

Together, a strategy was plotted to meet their long-term goals.

Vince’s circumstances meant he could move quickly. Without hesitation, he confidently secured 3 properties in just 8 months.

First, Vince purchased a townhouse in Bridgeman Downs, Queensland, using his Self Managed Super Fund.

Using Todd’s leapfrog technique, he quickly leapt into two new constructions, one of them a duplex.

Being two residences, the duplex provides them with double the rental return. It has already been valued higher than the purchase price upon completion.

Vince’s new portfolio is worth well in excess of $1 million.

While all signs are pointing to his portfolio being successful, Vince isn’t content just yet.

In fact, he has much bigger plans for his future.

“[We have] lots more to do, but I feel that we are definitely moving in the right direction,” says Vince.

He plans to buy more residential properties and extend into the commercial sector. He’s also interested in land development and business development.

The mentoring and guidance they have received from the Thrive Property team has restored their faith in experts in the industry.

Now, Vince is able to lend a hand to other hopeful investors he’s met along the journey.
“I love the networking,” says Vince. “They’re great people and I only hope I can somehow help at least some of them moving forward.”

Vince’s journey has reminded him of the role of mentors, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

“It not only reminded me, but enhanced my understanding of the significance and importance of the right mentor, and only wish I had the mentoring I have now much earlier” says Vince thoughtfully. “There is a saying, “There, but for me, go I!”. My slant on that is, “There, but for a good mentor, go I!”

I wanted to prepare for our retirement, but I was fed up with experts and their ultimately self-serving agendas. My wife showed me some info on Todd’s property master class, and I ventured along to one of his free seminars. The short of it is I related to Todd immediately. With our coach Emma’s guidance we quickly purchased 3 properties, one a duplex build that earned over $100,000 capital growth before we even broke ground. Our portfolio is worth well in excess of $1 million, and now we’re moving in the right direction.”

Vince Schroen

‘Lazy money’ transformed into a $1.2million portfolio

Young married couple Genevieve and her husband Andrew were content. Working full-time, they were saving money and enjoying life.

But, they knew their money was idle. It was benefiting the bank’s pocket, but not theirs.

The thought of buying an investment property had entered Genevieve’s mind. Like so many other Australians, Genevieve let fear stop her from taking the first step.

“I feared that I would buy in the wrong place, or buy the wrong house,” says Genevieve. “So I had thought about it, but never started really looking.”

Genevieve felt that she needed some guidance to get their journey going.

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Fortunately, some info about one of Todd Polke’s property events popped up on her Facebook feed.

She thought, “why not?”, and signed up to attend.

From the beginning, Genevieve liked Todd and his approach to investing. She and her husband decided to go to his 3-day Bootcamp.

They learnt about finances and strategy – and how to take the fear and risk out of investing.

Genevieve felt confident to step up to the plate. They decided they wanted to purchase property to supplement their income.

Thrive Property coach Emma helped them plan their personalised strategy and recommended properties that were a good fit for them.

The couple bought the two properties at the same time, giving them an instant $1.2million portfolio.

“Our first properties were going to be our momentum ones, where we would manufacture growth on the way in. Then in 1 or 2 years, use the equity and buy the next one quickly,” says Genevieve.

The two 4-bedroom houses were new constructions, which provide high depreciation benefits. After tax, Genevieve’s properties will be positively geared – turning her investments into money delivered straight to her pocket.

As beginners in the property investment world, Genevieve was grateful to have the Thrive Property team to guide her along.

“It’s very reassuring, having a team of experts behind me, giving advice,” says Genevieve. “I know I’m not an experienced investor, so it’s good to have people who know what they’re doing.”

Genevieve says the follow-up from her coach Emma has been supportive too. “Emma is fantastic; she makes contact with me quite regularly and I really appreciate that,” says Genevieve.

“I feel like I can ask Emma pretty much anything and she always has an answer!” she adds.

In the next 12 months, Genevieve will add a third property to their portfolio. She’s also interested in exploring the idea of purchasing through their Superannuation.

She’s even considering other investment types outside of residential property.

Best of all, Genevieve and her husband no longer have ‘lazy money’ sitting in their bank account.

Their money is working for them in bricks and mortar. Their properties are increasing in value and adding to their after-tax income.

So not only are they reaping the benefits now, they’ll continue reaping them all the way into an early retirement.

Genevieve is thankful she took the plunge and clicked on Todd’s Facebook post that day. That simple action was the first step in a new and profitable life-long journey for Genevieve and her husband.

We bought 2 properties almost instantly.

My husband and I had quite a lot of lazy money. I knew we had to do something with it but I was afraid of making a mistake. Meeting Todd and attending Bootcamp gave us so much more confidence, and we bought two properties almost instantly. No more lazy money, just money that’s working for us through our investments. It wouldn’t have been possible without Todd and his team.

Genevieve & Andrew

From 3 to 7 properties in just six months!

Property investing wasn’t new to Shelley. She had big plans to use real estate to pursue her dream of financial freedom and to maintain her lifestyle upon retirement. In fact, she had two investment properties already under her belt, as well as her own home.

But Shelley wanted to own a minimum of 10 properties – and she planned to do that in a five year time period.

That meant she had to fast-track her property purchases.

However, she was exasperated by how often she missed out on good properties, and the time she was wasting finding them.

“I was running in circles,” says Shelley. “I was spending so long looking at reports and researching, and I was using statistics that just weren’t accurate.”

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Her research was fruitless too, because she was always a step behind other buyers.

“I’d look at a property, and someone already had an offer on it,” Shelley says. “Or I’d look at a block of land and it had already been sold, but I didn’t know it. I was wasting so much time!”

In search of a guiding hand, Shelley attended Todd Polke’s free property event.

Inspired, she leapt straight into Todd’s 3-day Portfolio Builders Bootcamp.

During a personal meeting, Shelley’s Thrive Property coach Emma helped her design a custom-built strategy.

It needed to be a speedy strategy to fit in with her short term goals. It also had to focus on supercharging her capital growth. Then she could quickly leapfrog from one property to the next.

In just 3 months, Shelley bought 4 properties.

The properties gained value quickly. Shelley will use the equity to buy 2 more properties in the coming months.

Incredibly, that means Shelley is now only 3 properties short of her 10-property goal – and she achieved it in 6 months!

Now, Shelley owns a fast-tracked, diverse portfolio that includes houses, a duplex and a townhouse.
Buying her next properties won’t be difficult for Shelley. Her newly built duplex was valued a massive $180,000 above purchase price at completion.

Her properties are achieving rental returns between 4.5% and 7%.

Even though she’s bought property before, Shelley says having the Thrive Property team made all the difference. Her personal coach, Emma, was always on-hand to provide knowledge and guide Shelley through the construction process.

“Building a house was a steep learning curve, but Emma took me through every step of the way,” says Shelley. “I’ve learnt so much from her.”

As such, Shelley plans to keep her Thrive Property team close.

“I feel confident because I have a really good team around me now,” she says. “I’ve got an amazing broker and lawyer, and I’m sticking with them too!”

Now, Shelley is excited at the prospect of her bright financial future. She plans to strategically sell and pay down some of the assets, and look for great high-profit deals along the way.

Then, she can live comfortably on the rental income when the time comes to retire.

Uplift of $100,000…before construction even started.

Working with the team at Thrive Property has been a wonderful experience. They’ve provided me with guidance, and educated me through a lot of unfamiliar processes. In just a few months I’ve been able to buy 4 properties. A valuation of my duplex showed an uplift of over $100,000 more than my purchase price, before construction even started! I’m so close to my short term goal of 10, and I’m feeling confident now that I can reach that target quickly.”


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